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Ann-Elisabeth Solberg

"What I teach should be fun and educational. Through Pilates, I want to show you the way to the ultimate training experience and body awareness. You do the work. I will guide you towards a well-functioning body. "

Certified Pilates instructor from Scandinavian Pilates Institute in 2006/2007, ( Extensive education; 600+ hours in the Pilates system of mat and apparatus exercises.

Annual training Graduate of The Work, an exclusive master program directed by Jay Grimes ( Annual training with internationally renowned instructors from all over the world.

External resource for Pilates Studio and training of new instructors.

Teach / have taught at: OBOS (Pynten borettslag), Transportøkonomisk Institutt, Den Norske Ballettskole, Skiforeningen, National Veterinary Institute, Fagerborg Fysioterapi, Statoil, KRIPOS, Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste. Have previously taught at Pilates Studio and Pilatespilotene.

Social worker with educational background in psychology, economics and Redcord.